Metal Surface Preparation Guidelines

Rusted Metal Surfaces: Water jet or wire brush rusted surface before cleaning the surface to remove all loose scale, grease and dirt. Clean damp rusted surfaces with water soluble solvent like alcohol or ethylene glycol before gel. Ensure that metal surface is dry before gel application.

New Metal Surfaces:  Remove all mill varnishes, film and coating from the new metal surface. Wire brush any pitting or scale There is no need to remove red rust from unvarnished metals. If there is pitting or scale, wire-brush them off.

Hot Metal Surfaces: Installation on hot metal surface above OSHA and WHIMIS personnel protection standards is not recommended due to health and safety concerns. Consult your safe department before proceeding with installing on any hot surface.

Wet Metal Surfaces: A dry surface is best is for the application of ArmorGelä premium anti-corrosion coating gels. All surfaces should be wiped dry with omnidirectional fabric as much as possible. The gel should not be applied under the rain and any dampness that results from other surface preparation activities, unexpected atmospheric precipitation or condensation should be dried before gel application.

Cold and Wet Surfaces: Ensure that wet metal surfaces are above freezing point (32°F/0°C). Use an omnidirectional fabric to clean condensation off cold metal surfaces.

Cold and Dry Metal Surfaces: Follow product temperature specification with respect to minimum use temperature.

For optimum performance, the metal surface must be clean and free of oils or slag.