Corrosion Under Insulation – Process Conditions to Watch Out

Armorgelä premium anti-corrosion gels are engineered to mitigate critical CUI & CUF causative conditions such as all externally insulated and fireproofed Systems and those that are in intermittent service or operate between:

  • 10°F (–23°C) and 350°F (176°C) for carbon and low alloy steels.
  • 140ºF (60°C) and 400ºF (205°C) for austenitic stainless steels and duplex stainless steels.
  • Environments that provide airborne contaminants such as chlorides (marine environments, cooling tower drift) or SO2 (stack emissions) can accelerate corrosion and Plants located in areas with high annual rainfall or warmer, marine.
  • Cyclic thermal operations, intermittent service and cryogenic service equipment that operate below the water dew point which create condense water on the metal surface resulting into wet insulation.
  • Insulating materials that hold moisture and contaminants that may be leached out of the insulation, such as chlorides.